Mixture for best growth in saline conditions

Performance after germination

Most reports have been based on the ability of seed to germinate in saline conditions. Germination is necessary, but what then! Our priority was to select varieties that survive and thrive in the long term. 

The result of meticulous research 

DLF has tested a wide range of varieties to identify the most salt tolerant varieties within each species. We felt that more knowledge was needed about the salinity reaction.

Maintain the qualities as from normal conditions

Sometimes it is just a question of producing a green dense carpet. But most often you want to reach a certain level of visual merit or adaptation to sport (wear tolerance etc.). That is where you will find the benefits of using the special 4salt© mixtures!

Two formulas

One for cold & temperate regions powered by slender creeping red fescue and one for hot & dry areas powered by tall fescue. 

  • Improved salt tolerance
  • Maintain growth and density
  • More species to increase success rate
  • Main goal: Grow in saline conditions