Exceptional wear tolerant grass

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Grass is forming the basis for many types of sport and play. If you start the game with an adapted mixture of grasses, you are allmost sure to win.

Wear tolerance is crucial

With Sportmaster you always get the top quality varieties that have proven excellent adaptation to wear under different conditions. Testing of wear tolerance is an important part of our turfgrass breeding.

Two Sportmaster mixtures

There are two recipes for Sportmaster. One for cold and temperate regions consisting of smooth-stalked meadow-grass, perennial ryegrass and red fescue. And one for hot and dry regions with tall fescue, smooth-stalked meadow-grass and perennial ryegrass. 

  • Excellent wear tolerance
  • For sportsfields and playgrounds
  • One mixture for cold and temperate regions
  • One mixture for hot and dry regions