Outstanding shade tolerant luxury grass

Designed for shady places

Some species and varieties are better adapted to situations with low light intensity than others. We have tested a great number of varieties and selected those with the best shade tolerance to be used for Shademaster.

Fescues in front

Mixtures for shady places should contain a considerable proportion of fescue as these species at the same time are tolerant to shadow and drought. Due to this they are able to form a nice looking turf with some tolerance to wear.

Two choices

There are two versions of Shademaster. One with red fescue for cold and temperate regions and one with tall fescue for hot and dry areas.

  • Perfect for parks  and for home gardens
  • Specially designed for shade resistance
  • Luxury lawn under various conditions
  • Two formulas: Cold and temperate as well as hot
    and dry regions